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Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 5 Recap: Let's Have More Kids!

Nathan Griffith encourages her to put up more of a fight for custody of Jace, which leads to a conversation about the two of them potentially having kids. Yes, they are gonna procreate gain. Jenelle Evans is pregnant. Minus 350 for the obvious skepticism on everyone's part, which Barbara expresses, saying Jenelle still click here. needs to watch Farrah Abraham video learn to put Jace first before having another. Minus 150 more for Jenelle not taking this to heart, telling her BFF Tori over lunch that shes stopped using birth control cold turkey so she can get pregnant. Minus 250 more because Jenelle is still looking at jail time for her many legal run-ins, but can only muster in response, I guess Ill just have to deal with it. Not too well thought out, to say the absolute least here. Plus 450, however, because with the passing of time, we've seen her hold it together better than we expected. She's in a good place now it seems.
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