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Jennifer Aniston Debuts 'version Of The Kim K', Mocks Kim Kardashian Again

> As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Aniston mocked Kim in a meeting with Additional. When going over the subject of Kim Kardashians butt being showcased on a magazine cover, Jennifer specified that the picture of her very own butt on a March 1996 Wanderer cover was an original. Jennifer Aniston has actually signed up with an expanding listing of other celebrities including her buddy, Chelsea Handler who have buffooned Kim Kardashian in some way since her Paper publication cover picture wased initially released online. It appears as if Kim Kardashian does not pay much focus on the criticism, especially after just what she stated in a job interview on an Australia TV show previously this month. The Staying on par with the Kardashians star referred to the Paper publication photo shoot as an art project that she was quite happy with and appreciated doing. I was so recognized and also excited to work with [professional photographer Jean-Paul Goude] As a role model, Im not saying anybody else needs to do that, but also for me it was a fine art job Im never ever one to teach, however I really felt actually favorable as well as really good concerning myself. I love the images, I did it for me, I wish other people like them. During the interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Aniston also had a chance to discuss other subjects besides Kim Kardashian such as her physical change for her function in the movie, Cake. She detailed that darkening her hair and also not wearing makeup for the movie were merely two of the adjustments that she made.

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